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Studie: Unterschiede der Einwanderungspolitik in den westlichen Ländern

Richard Alba und Nancy Foner haben mit »Strangers No More« die verschiedenen Ansätze der Einwanderungspolitik in Deutschland, Frankreich, den Niederlanden, Großbritannien, Kanada und den USA untersucht. Das erste Kapitel ist als Leseprobe erhältlich und macht Lust auf mehr.

One could say that the face of the West is inevitably changing. During the next quarter century, a momentous transition to much greater diversity will take place everywhere. As the post-World War II baby booms—and such groups, made up largely of the native majority group, are found throughout North America and Western Europe– retire from work and become less socially active in other ways, they are going to be replaced by groups of young adults who in some countries will be relatively few in number, and everywhere will be more diverse, more likely to have grown up in immigrant homes.
The “mainstream” of these countries will change, too, in that the people who will occupy positions of authority and visibility will be much more diverse than in the past. We already see this occurring in the U.S., where younger workers in well-paid jobs are less likely to come from the non-Hispanic white group than their predecessors did. But there is a paradox. At the same time – and a cause for real concern—many young people of immigrant background are being left behind because of grossly unequal opportunities.